Site Killing Spam Bot

You might have noticed, although there aren’t too many visitors to ChaosManor Reviews (CMR), some problems accessing the site this month (Sept 2016). The site would not load at all, usually due to a timeout of the request to load … read more

Feburary 2016 Column

We are pleased to present a new Computing at Chaos Manor column from Dr. Jerry Pournelle. His recent experiences with Outlook, Word, and using his computer after his stroke are instructive as always. – Editor I like Outlook and Word. … read more

Building Eugene

Eric Pobirs, a Chaos Manor Advisor, details his build of a new computer system for Chaos Manor. As is traditional, this new computer has been cleverly named, and has some well-thought-out components. As usual, any project has a few glitches along the way, but the end result is worth the effort. read more

Fixing Broken Windows 10 Apps

I have another Windows 10 tip that seems to be a hot topic in help forums but doesn’t have a consistent fix.

The problem I had was I tried to bring up the default Windows calculator, and it wouldn’t run. Since I had fiddled with the default Windows 10 apps before, I figured I just needed to re-install the calculator app. When that failed… read more