The Lion is in the Streets

Apple’s new Lion update of Snow Leopard – i.e. the latest version of Apple OS X – is out, and while some like Walter Mossberg have leaped up to praise and recommend it, and some of my BYTE colleagues love it, others have their doubts. I’m getting it and I will install it on at least one of my Mac systems, but I haven’t done that yet.

At one time I was about to convert all my operations to Mac, but then Microsoft dumped Vista for Windows 7, and I decided to stay with Windows after all. I do have several Macs, and I always carry the Air if I am going anywhere that I might want to do some writing. I use a Mac Book Pro for recording and doing SKYPE conferencing, (as for instance my latest interview on the end of the US manned space program) and generally for anything else that needs audio visual work, but for most of what I do I rely on Windows; so my opinion on the Mac isn’t all that important. I do have this advice for Mac users: there’s no urgency here. Developers may want to rush in, but for most Mac users you’ll probably be better off to wait a bit.

Of course Lion isn’t all that expensive, but some have had problems after installing it. I recommend that you read The Cases Against Apple’s Lion OS before you install Lion.

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