Weather Stations and USB Servers

Your intrepid CMR editor bought a weather station last year that can update to the Weather Underground network. But to do that, he needed to connect the weather console to the PC. He wanted the console to be downstairs – and the desktop is upstairs. He discovered a USB server that connects USB devices over his LAN that saved quite a few ‘sawbucks’. read more


Desktop and Laptop Upgrade

CMR Reader Karen Parker decided she wanted to replace an older Windows 7 desktop with some newer hardware. Rather than purchasing a new system, she decided to ‘build her own’, and then transfer her OS and applications and data to the new system.

And then, apparently on a ‘roll’, she decided to upgrade her Windows 8 laptop with a new internal SSD drive, moving its current drive to an external box.

So in the CMR grand tradition of “I did so you don’t have to” (or “you may want to, too”), we share her experience. read more

Call for Submissions

The results of our unscientific poll indicate that Chaos Manor Reviews readers would like to see submissions from others. So here is our “Call for Submissions” for articles for Chaos Manor Reviews.

We are looking for ‘Things I Did So You Don’t Have To” articles about computers – software and hardware. Read more about this after the jump. read more