After the Storm

This article is a bit different than our usual computer-related articles, but there is a “I did this so you don’t have to” angle on this story from our editor about emergency preparedness. It is, after all Emergency Preparedness month. read more


An Evolving Backup System

Chaos Manor Reviews reader Drake Christensen was reading about the Network Attached Storage (NAS) system your editor set up with the Raspberry Pi, and decided to share his experiences over the years with his NAS and backup system configuration and practices. He is using a combination of NAS, immediate version-capable backups, and cloud storage. You’ll see how his system evolved, and why “He Does It This Way So You Don’t Have To Figure It Out For Yourself”. read more


Windows Live Writer – Almost Good Enough

Our intrepid editor maintains Chaos Manor and this site. Dr. Pournelle mainly writes for Chaos Manor. And he uses Microsoft Live Writer to do that. A new install of that resulted in a problem with entering the title of a post. And that resulted in a call to the Chaos Manor Advisors for help. Which, in turn, resulted in an interesting (well, to the editor, since he did it) troubleshooting process to figure out why. read more