Chaos Manor

Feburary 2016 Column

We are pleased to present a new Computing at Chaos Manor column from Dr. Jerry Pournelle. His recent experiences with Outlook, Word, and using his computer after his stroke are instructive as always. – Editor I like Outlook and Word. … read more


Building Eugene

Eric Pobirs, a Chaos Manor Advisor, details his build of a new computer system for Chaos Manor. As is traditional, this new computer has been cleverly named, and has some well-thought-out components. As usual, any project has a few glitches along the way, but the end result is worth the effort. read more


Fixing Broken Windows 10 Apps

I have another Windows 10 tip that seems to be a hot topic in help forums but doesn’t have a consistent fix.

The problem I had was I tried to bring up the default Windows calculator, and it wouldn’t run. Since I had fiddled with the default Windows 10 apps before, I figured I just needed to re-install the calculator app. When that failed… read more


After the Storm

This article is a bit different than our usual computer-related articles, but there is a “I did this so you don’t have to” angle on this story from our editor about emergency preparedness. It is, after all Emergency Preparedness month. read more