From Dr. Pournelle (2011)

Chaos Manor Reviews is the latest phoenix to rise from the ashes of the BYTE columns I have written since 1979. The BYTE column has been prepared monthly for more than twenty years. These Reviews will be done at whim, but generally weekly. I’ll also add special reviews, both from me and from guests.

My primary profession is fiction, and that will get most of my attention, but there’s always more to say about the computer revolution, and what hardware and software I’ve found useful.

We’ll continue this as long as it’s worth doing.

From the Chaos Manor Reviews Editorial Staff (2014)

It is great to be able to reboot Chaos Manor Reviews. It has been a long hiatus due to various reasons, which Dr. Pournelle explained in his first post here after the reboot.

In previous incarnations, Chaos Manor Reviews was a monthly publication. In this reboot, we will be splitting his monthly contribution into posts that will be available throughout the month. You can use the navigation links in each post to get to previous installments.

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We are allowing, at the moment, comments on posts. Posts are moderated by the Chaos Manor Reports editorial team, and any submitted comments that are not relevant will be deleted. Note that Dr. Pournelle will probably not respond to any comments due to his time limitations — he is a very busy person. If you wish to contact Dr. Pournelle, use the Contact form, which can also be used to contact the Chaos Manor Reviews editorial team.

We are excited to reboot Chaos Manor Reviews. We hope you enjoy the content, and tell others that Chaos Manor Reviews is back!