Call for Submissions

The results of our unscientific poll indicate that Chaos Manor Reviews readers would like to see submissions from others. So here is our “Call for Submissions” for articles for Chaos Manor Reviews.

We are looking for ‘Things I Did So You Don’t Have To” articles about computers – software and hardware. Some general guidelines:

  • The writing style should be narrative, in the manner of articles written in the past by Dr. Pournelle.
  • Pictures are helpful when they can enhance the article’s subject. Any picture should be original, and should not contain people. Illustrations (line drawings, artwork, etc) should be original to the author.
  • Links to manufacturer’s web site pages about items should be included; costs of items should include retail and ‘average’ pricing.
  • All articles will be reviewed by the Chaos Manor Advisors.
  • Articles must be original to the author/submitter, although we may accept previously published items that were written by the submitter.
  • There should be no plagiarism or re-writing of previously published articles. Quotes/snippets from resources referenced in the article are allowed with proper attribution.
  • No links should be related to affiliate advertising or remuneration.
  • Any hardware or software should be purchased by the submitter, and not a result of any remuneration or gifts from manufacturers or providers of the item.
  • Any submission may be edited by Chaos Manor Reviews staff/advisors for clarity or brevity; submission is not a guarantee of publication. Articles and material submitted and/or published become the sole property of Chaos Manor Reviews and its entities.
  • Articles should be written by end-users, and should not be provided by agents or employees of manufacturers
  • Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word document (doc/docx) or plain/unformatted text format only, with minimal styling (fonts, etc.). You should include any picture/image files separately from the document. You can indicate a location for the pictures/images in the document, but picture/image placement will be decided by Chaos Manor Reviews staff/advisors/editors.

Submit your articles and material via email to , with article and materials as attached files to the email. Any questions should be sent to the same email address.