Chaos Manor Reviews Returns – Again

We’re back – again! We’ve got some interesting stories from our Chaos Manor Advisors. So far, Alex Pournelle and Eric Pobirs are helping out with new posts. We’re also allowing comments on all new stories.

And we’re thinking of looking for additional contributors, see the question on the right side. Contributions would be in the narrative style of this site, with a style of ‘I do this so you don’t have to’ that has been the hallmark of CMR in it’s various incantations since the 1970’s.

So, after you read Alex’s adventures, please take a moment to quickly answer the question over on the right column. After you vote, you’ll see the current results. We encourage all to vote, to see if there is interest in adding more contributors to Chaos Manor Reviews.

Thanks for stopping by! – the Editors and Advisors