Sneak Peek at the First CMR Column

Here’s a preview of the first Chaos Manor Reviews ‘reboot’ column, coming in sooner than “Real Soon Now”.

It has been more than 36 months since I wrote the last Chaos Manor Reviews column. I had many reasons for ending with column number 368 after over twenty years of writing Computing at Chaos Manor. I hadn’t really intended to end it, but early in 2011 I came down with something, had other projects I should have been working on, and missed a column deadline for the first time in the history of the column.

We’ll start with how we have brought Chaos Minor up to date since the last column – and what still needs to be done. As usual we’ll continue to experiment with new stuff, and as always, the emphasis is on using this technology to accomplish things that need doing.

Topics in the first Chaos Manor Reviews columns will include:

  • Moore’s Law and Good Enough
  • Upgrading to DOCSIS3 Cable Modem
  • Wireless and Ethernet and Powerline Networking
  • Upgrading Chaos Manor Systems
  • Hard Drive Life Cycles and SSD Drives
  • Wireless – Faster and Faster
  • Good Enough and Ethernet
  • Docking Stations
  • Living with Firefox
  • The Bulging Mac Book Air
  • SD Memory Cards
  • Winding Down – Books and Movies

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