Wi-Fi Sharing in Windows 10–Facts or Hysteria?

With the release of Windows 10, one of the subjects of concern is the new Wi-Fi Sharing process. It looks like there has been a bit of hysteria and/or exaggeration about this issue.

The Chaos Manor Advisors discussed this a few weeks ago, when the first article about this appeared in The Register. More after the jump. read more

Call for Submissions

The results of our unscientific poll indicate that Chaos Manor Reviews readers would like to see submissions from others. So here is our “Call for Submissions” for articles for Chaos Manor Reviews.

We are looking for ‘Things I Did So You Don’t Have To” articles about computers – software and hardware. Read more about this after the jump. read more

Success, EtreCheck Info – But Not Done Yet

Chaos Manor Reviews returns after another long hiatus with this series from guest columnist Alex Pournelle, who continues his father’s tradition of ‘doing things so you don’t have to’.

In this second installment (first installment here), Alex continues with his story about solving the slowdown on his MacBook Pro. The last installment left us with Alex doing a reboot. read more

Chaos Manor Reviews Returns – Again

We’re back – again! We’ve got some interesting stories from our Chaos Manor Advisors. So far, Alex Pournelle and Eric Pobirs are helping out with new posts. We’re also allowing comments on all new stories. And we’re thinking of looking … read more