The Advisors

Dr. Jerry Pournelle has a volunteer staff of advisors to help with his web sites and content.

Brian Bilbrey is a Systems Administrator specializing in UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems, networking, storage, and virtualization. As a fan of technology and Science Fiction, Brian found that Jerry Pournelle was an early, obvious stalking target icon. He first met Jerry at a West Coast Computer Faire in the early 1980’s, and helped manage Jerry’s websites for about a decade before handing the reins over to Rick Hellewell a few years ago.

Rick Hellewell is a retired Systems Administrator and Information Security dweeb. After working in local government for 29 years, he retired to the Olympic Peninsula area in Washington state. When he is not distracted by the view out the window that overlooks a local marina and the Puget Sound, he manages Jerry’s web sites. He has also created and manages several WordPress sites, doing theme customization, along with other PHP and MySQL web sites (some that apparently amuse only him). He can be contacted through his CellarWeb company.

Peter Glaskowsky

Eric Pobirs

Greg Lincoln

Alex Pournelle